Police bust chop shop in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – Motors, cabs and other parts were removed piece-by-piece Wednesday after a task force raided a chop shop in southeast Houston, police said.

According to Houston police, investigators got a tip about the shop in the 7900 block of John Street near Highway 225 and Broadway Street.

Investigators said parts from 10 to 15 vehicles that had already been chopped up were found at the scene.

“I believe there’s one Chevy truck that hadn’t been chopped yet,” Houston police Lt. Larry Crowson said. “We’ve also located a couple of motorcycles here at the scene that appears to be stolen.”

One person was arrested at the scene, but the bust spilled over into the surrounding neighborhood when two people jumped in a car and fled. Officers stopped that vehicle a few blocks away.

“The driver stayed at the car,” Crowson said. “The passenger jumped out and ran on foot, and he had a gun in his hand.”

The search for that armed suspect prompted a lockdown at Milby High School. Officers said they were unable to track down the man but have solid leads.

“We have identified that suspect,” Crowson said. “We’re attempting to get a warrant for his arrest at this time, and we’ll locate him later on and place him in custody.”

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