Spencer Solves It: Houston veteran receives free Texans playoff tickets

HOUSTON – Don't ask Chad Milner about hard work. He practically invented it: as both a civilian and as a United States Marine.

Milner, who served in Afghanistan, launched Lawn Vets, a landscaping company that hires only veterans as a way to help others returning to civilian life. He and his crew cut on average about 85 lawns a week all year round.

"The reason I started Lawn Vets was to help veterans transitioning from out of the military back to the real world," Milner said.

Last October, a group of thieves broke into Milner’s storage unit stole every piece of landscaping equipment the company owned.

At that point, the Spencer Solves It team jumped into action to help Chad replace that equipment and get back to work.

But now, KPRC has another huge surprise for this Marine.

Keith Sullins, the president of Papa John's Houston, gifted Milner and his friend Stephen Terry with two tickets Texans playoff game with the Buffalo Bills.

"I hear you're a Texans fan Chad, so I have some tickets on the 50-yard-line for tomorrow's game. Here you go, man!" Sullins said.

Milner and Terry were stoked.

"This is amazing, a huge surprise for us, I mean from what we have been through and to get tickets like this to a playoff game. I'm almost speechless," Milner said.

And how good are these seats?

Well, Sullins put it very simply.

"When I first became a sponsor of the Texans, I got seats on the 50-yard-line. These are the kind of seats where when the quarterback can't find a receiver; he throws it to you. They are that good," he said, smiling as he hands over the tickets he could have used to go to the game himself.

Spencer Solves It wants to send a giant thank you to Sullins for all of his generosity and heart.