Equipment stolen from lawn company run by veterans

PASADENA, Texas – Pasadena police are looking for whoever stole a trailer full of equipment from a lawn care company owned and operated by veterans.

Lawn Vets members represent four branches of the military. They cut about 85 lawns plus commercial lawns in four cities every week. They set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for their losses.

"It's just a terrible situation because myself and the other veterans who work for me, that's how we survive," Lawn Vets owner Chad Milner said. "That's how we live; that's how we take care of our family, take care of our kids."

Grainy surveillance images show the moment someone in a pickup broke into the gated area where the trailer was kept, broke the locks and towed everything away.

"Someone comes in and within 90 seconds, takes everything you have," Milner said. "It's just a terrible feeling inside."

The stand-up mower alone cost Lawn Vets $6,000, Milner said. Law Vets also had a "zero-turn" mower, weed eaters, blowers and other equipment.

"That's how we make our living. I mean, we're the only veteran-owned, all veteran law company in this area," Milner said. "This is how we take care of our kids and pay bills."

If you know anything about this case, call Pasadena police.

If you'd like to help out Lawn Vets, get in touch with KPRC 2 here.

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