Crosby woman says pack of wild dogs mauled her pet to death

Dogs still roaming the neighborhood, woman says

CROSBY, Texas – Decebra Murphy is terrified to even walk out of the front gate to her home along Sandman Road in Crosby for fear she will be attacked.

It isn’t criminals or gangs that Murphy is worried about, it’s a pack of dogs that she says have been wandering free throughout her neighborhood for months.

“It’s gotten to the point where my friends are afraid to come over here," Murphy said. "My family does not want to come. Something has to be done.”

Murphy had been dreading the worst and that fear became a reality on December 29.

According to Murphy, she was out shopping and when she came home she found her beloved dog Reno lying dead in the backyard, mauled to death. He had been attacked by this same pack of dogs and her Ring doorbell camera had captured the entire hideous scene on camera.

“I looked up and I saw my dog Reno just lying on the ground and he wasn’t moving," Murphy said, fighting to hold back her tears. “(The dogs) had just attacked him. They had just chewed on him like he was a piece of meat.”

Murphy said she reported the attack to the Harris County Animal Control Department, pleading with the person who took the report to send someone out to pick up these dogs that have been roaming the streets, but still, nothing has been done, she said.

Reno’s attack left Murphy so devastated, she now refuses to allow any of her other dogs to play outside, even inside her fenced-off yard, for fear they will be attacked too.

Murphy said if something isn’t done soon she fears other dogs or people could be harmed.

“I want them picked up before somebody else is mauled, my other dogs or even me”, Murphy said.

However, almost a week after Murphy’s beloved Reno was killed, Murphy said the dogs are still roaming through her neighborhood, even coming to her front gate and walking along her fence line.

KPRC 2 Investigates has contacted officials at Harris County Animal Control, they tell us they have received one complaint about wild dogs traveling in a pack and roaming this Crosby neighborhood and that they are investigating.