Turner, Houston city council members sworn in to office

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was sworn into his second term Thursday during an inauguration ceremony that saw Controller Chris Brown and 16 other City Council members take their oaths of office.

Turner is returning for his second term as Houston Mayor after beating out Tony Buzbee in a runoff election.

“We have four more years to do some transformational things to take this city to the next level, to make sure we are meeting the needs of Houstonians in their community on their street in their neighborhood,” said Turner during a rehearsal Wednesday.

Numerous incumbent council members also returned, including Mike Knox, David Robinson, Michael Kubosh and Karla Cisneros.

“We have some real challenges with the homeless,” Kubosh said. “We some real challenges financially (but) I believe with this council, this mayor we have an opportunity now to work together to solve these crises that are facing the city.”

The biggest change is that women now make up the majority of the newly elected council.

“We have more women serving on this council than the history of this city,” Turner said. “That speaks volumes and that’s a very good thing for the city as a whole.”

The new council is also younger than previous councils with four new members who are 38 years old and younger.

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