Houston woman searching for daughter 24 years after ex-husband kidnapped her


HOUSTON – A Houston woman is still hoping to find her daughter, 24 years after her ex-husband kidnapped her.

Deena Hebert says in 1995, her ex-husband, Juan Lozano, kidnapped their then 19-month-old daughter Bianca. She believes he took the toddler south of the border.

Hebert was 21 years old when she gave birth to her daughter on Aug. 19, 1993. The name she gave her baby was Bianca Lozano.

“It was pretty awesome you know, I loved her so much, I still do, not that I don’t, but she was my world, she was everything,” Hebert said.

But soon after, Hebert says Lozano began to change. She claims he physically abused her and so she decided to leave him to ensure the safety of the baby and herself.

“I was scared after Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered, that kind of opened my eyes, that could be me, I could end up dead after this,” she said.

Court records show Lozano was charged with assaulting Hebert while the couple was going through an ugly divorce. Hebert moved in with her parents and a judge granted her temporary custody of Bianca while Lozano had visitation rights on weekends.

Then one weekend in April 1995, Lozano took Bianca and that was the last time Hebert saw her.

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