VIDEO: 3 masked men break into home in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – Pamela Breeding spent most of her Sunday adding more protection to her home in southeast Houston.

“I went and bought burglar bars for the windows and burglar bars for the door,” she said.

A terrifying Ring door video shows the three masked men kicking down her door on Tampa Street around 1:20 a.m. Saturday. The men rang the doorbell once and when no one answered, they broke in with their weapons drawn.

Breeding said she was driving home from Naskila Gaming, a casino in Livingston, Texas when she received a Ring alert. She said she watched the entire incident on her phone.

The intruders, she said, did not steal anything and left when they realized no one was home.

“They tore my stove up, flipped over my couches and tore my rooms up,” Breeding said. “They didn’t take anything though.”

Twenty minutes after the intruders left, the police arrived, she said.

She said she doesn’t know who the men were but believes they were looking for someone and went to the wrong house.

That hasn’t stopped Breeding from worrying.

Breeding said she has been watching over her shoulder and every car driving up and down her street.

She has reported the incident to the Houston Police Department.

Here is the full video of the incident from the Ring camera: