This app pays you every time you fill your gas tank

HOUSTON – Houston is a car town. Most of us fill up at least once a week. Now there’s a way that you can get paid for every gallon of gas you pump into your tank.

The app Get Upside will give you up to 25 cents per gallon.

How Does it Work?

  • Once you install the app, you open it when you need to buy gas. GetUpside reveals all of the gas stations near you that will give you cash back for every gallon of gas you buy.
  • Choose the station where you want to fill up and “claim” the cash back offer.
  • Drive to the station and fill up. Then snap a picture of your receipt within the app.
  • Within about 48 hours, your earnings will show up in your GetUpside account.
  • You can let it accrue or request to get your cash as often as you’d like via Paypal, a check that the company will mail to you or by getting gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Dunkin Donuts.

Other Things You Need to Know:

  • You have to buy gas with a credit or debit card to get cash back from Get Upside.
  • If you request cash back before you have accrued at least $15, a $1 processing fee will be deducted from your earnings.
  • Make sure you’re looking at the price of the gas before the cash back offer. You may find gas at a cheaper price even after you get the cash back.
  • When you refer friends, you’ll get a referral bonus and you earn one penny for every gallon of gas they buy with a cash back offer.

Get Upside now also offers cash back from some fast food restaurants also. Check out those deals too.

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