Drugs found in Red Bull can tossed from car during chase, police say

Police say they found drugs that were tossed out of a car during a chase.

HOUSTON – Houston police are looking for a third person they said was involved in a police chase Friday that started in north Houston.

Lt. Larry Crowson, of the Houston Police Department, said an officer patrolling the area of Tidwell and Shepard spotted a car with several old bullet holes on the driver’s side. The officer decided to run the license plate which came back to a different car, Crowson said. The officer later attempted to stop the car but the driver refused to stop, Crowson said.

Police said a Red Bull can was thrown out of the car during the chase, Crowson said. Officers were able to recover and discovered a large amount of cocaine stuffed inside the can, police said. One of the men then jumped out of the moving car, while two others were still in the vehicle, police said. The vehicle then stopped in the parking lot of the Aldine Branch Library, police said. Police said the two other people attempted to ditch the car and flee, but officers managed to catch them.

Police believe the trio may have been committing several robberies due to what they found inside the car.

“Officers did find a large amount of cigarettes and some plastic bags in there, so it’s possible they have been going into stores and doing some grab-and-run cigarette thefts, and that’s why they have the false plates on there,” Crowson said.

Police are still actively looking for the third person.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers 713-222-8477.