Katy ISD responds to claims student was raped at Mayde Creek High School

KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District police confirmed Thursday they are investigating allegations that a 16-year-old girl was attacked and raped in a secluded hallway near the cafeteria at Mayde Creek High School about 11:30 a.m. Nov. 22.

Mayde Creek High School Principal Ronnie Edwards issued this statement:

Dear MCHS Ram Families & Staff,

Yesterday evening, a local media outlet reported an alleged sexual assault that was said to have taken place on the MCHS campus. As of this morning, the individual who made the claim has yet to respond to police inquiries to begin an investigation. Sexual assault is an incident that campus administration and Katy ISD police investigate thoroughly to ensure student and staff safety. Students or other persons found to be involved in such a heinous crime will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Discipline Management Plan/ Student Code of Conduct and applicable laws.

The safety of our students at MCHS and throughout Katy ISD is our utmost priority. Communication with our students is the first line of defense to keeping our campus safe and I encourage any students, parents, staff and community members who may have knowledge of criminal or inappropriate activity to inform law enforcement and campus administration immediately. Tips may also be reported via the District SpeakUP anonymous mobile reporting app.

I appreciate your support and understanding as we continue our investigation with the Katy ISD Police Department.

Ronnie Edwards, Principal Mayde Creek High School

The girl, who is an 11th grader at the school, said the attack started when a boy she does not know by name approached her as she was about to leave school to go to lunch. She said one minute he was just talking to her and the next, he was shoving her to the ground.

“He shoved me down on the ground," said the girl, who did not want to be identified. "That’s when he took my pants off and started touching me, and then he flipped me over basically and he basically raped me.”

“This rapist needs to pay and he needs to understand, everybody needs to understand, that you just don’t go around victimizing people’s kids," said the girl’s mother, who also did not want to be identified. "You know my daughter was a virgin before this and her very first experience is rape. I’m angry. I’m beyond angry. I am in a deep, dark hole right now.”

The girl said she tried to fight her attacker off and screamed throughout the entire 30-minute attack, but no one came to help. She said no one walked through the area during the attack. She said that when the class bell rang, the attacker suddenly stopped, got up and walked away.

The girl’s mother said she has reported the incident to Katy ISD police and that the officers told her they will be reviewing the school’s surveillance cameras for photographic evidence of the attack.

She said the most shocking part is that this could happen inside the walls of her daughter’s school. She said the school should have been able to protect her daughter from this kind of attack, especially inside the building.

“When we put our kids in the hands of another, especially a school situation, we expect our kids to be safe," the girl’s mother said. "We expect our kids to come home the same way we sent them.”

Both mother and daughter said they worry this teen attacker may have done this to other young girls in the same area of the school. The girl said her attacker seemed comfortable and relaxed during the ordeal.

KPRC 2 spoke with district officials who said a Katy ISD detective tried to contact the girl and her mother, but they were uncooperative.