Local nurse recalls day she offered assistance to man pushed to ground by United employee

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

It is the shocking airport video that has people all over the country talking.

The exclusive video that Channel 2 Investigates first aired Tuesday night, showing Ronal Tigner, a United Airlines frequent flyer, husband and grandfather, being pushed to the ground nearly two years ago at Bush Intercontinental Airport by a United Airlines customer service representative.

Cheryl, a 58-year-old nurse practitioner, who asked us to hide her last name, was there on the day of the incident, July 21, 2015.

She says she heard Tigner’s head hitting the floor inside the terminal and rushed to his aid.

She says she never heard anyone hit the floor that hard before.

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“He hit his head hard. I heard a large, like resounding thump. Like a watermelon or something hit the ground," Cheryl said.

The fact is, Cheryl was the first and only person to rush to help Tigner that day and kneel down beside him to offer comfort.

VIDEO: Surveillance video of passenger being pushed by United employee

She says that was unbelievable to her.

“It alarms me that someone could see a human being clearly in distress and offer no sympathy, offer no support, not even ask him if he was OK,” Cheryl said.

She said not one United employee knelt down alongside her to help him.

She also says Tigner was in bad shape.

“He was just completely laid out. He couldn’t even tell me his name at first or where he was,” Cheryl said.

One of her most powerful memories of that day was speaking to the man who pushed Tigner down, Alejandro Anastasia.

“He looked right into my eyes, cold and short, and said ‘I pushed him,’ and I said you what? And he said ‘I pushed him,’” Cheryl said.

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