Kingwood community that rebuilt after Harvey watches water rise again

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

KINGWOOD, Texas - "This is Lakepoint," said Chris Juneau as he drove his giant pickup truck through the floodwaters of his neighborhood in the Northshore community of Kingwood along the San Jacinto River.

His home sits on the river.

At times, his home has sat in the river.

The foundation sat 16 feet deep in the river after Hurricane Harvey.

Some of his neighbors have not returned. But Juneau cleaned out his home and rebuilt.

He hoped not to have to do that again.

"You just never want water in the house. Doesn't matter if you have insurance. You do or don't. You just don't want to have to clean it up and push mud and stuff out of the house," Juneau said.

Juneau showed KPRC2 a mark on a pole of his boat dock that indicated the level at which the water would enter his home. This is a critical point.

"When it gets as close as it is right now, you know, within hours, you're either going to be pushing water or God spared you again," he said.

He has lived on a scenic spot on the west fork of the San Jacinto River for 18 years. He hopes to live there many more years.

But as the river kept rising, he kept watching.

"Mentally, you get ready to clean up and you know you're going to go water skiing or have a barbecue out here. Where else are you going to go to paradise?" he said.

As of late Thursday afternoon, Juneau said the water was starting to leak into his home.

Meteorologist Jeff Lindner of The Harris County Flood Control District said, on Twitter, that the river was expected to crest late Thursday or early Friday below the 52-foot mark.

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