More political turmoil for city of La Marque; another recall effort underway

The La Marque resident who launched a recall effort against Mayor Keith Bell is now focusing similar efforts on first-term councilmember Kimberley Yancy.

Resident Joseph Lowry is working to get enough signatures to trigger a recall of Yancy.

“Division in the community since her election. I’ve never seen that in my entire life... a community be so divided,” said Lowry.

Lowry, who has led successful efforts to roll back the city’s tax rate and force the mayor into a Nov. recall election, claims Yancy uses race as a way to divide the community.

“Uses a lot of racial, it’s almost like a prison tactic, prison politics, to divide the community,” said Lowry.

Yancy fired back, telling KPRC 2 that Lowry’s allegations are “absolutely not true.”

“Our election was a true election, the people spoke and we need to respect that. Recall efforts should not be a form of harassment,” said Yancy. “What did not happen on January 6, do it in your local government, that’s what’s happening with this instance.”

Yancy also pointed out one La Marque resident has come forward to state they were falsely told the petition they were signing was to keep her in office when the opposite is true. KPRC 2 did speak with that individual who again stated she was misled into signing the petition. The individual KPRC spoke with asked not to be identified.

When KPRC 2 asked Lowry about the accusation, he blamed it on a person he had not met but who was working on the recall effort.

“I got wind of it yesterday and they terminated the employee. He was terminated and they threw out a hundred signatures that he had collected just to be safe,” said Lowry.

To trigger a recall, 51% of the number of people who voted in the last election have to sign the petition. That process is ongoing.

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