‘I think schools need to step up’: Students discuss school safety

Open and honest conversation with students about safety in schools

HOUSTON – When it comes to school safety there’s a lot of blame and opinions. Politicians point the finger and parents want to be heard. But what about what students think needs to be done?

Six high school students from across the Houston and Fort Bend area are sharing their ideas about school safety. We also asked Jamie Frenny, Director of the Center for School Behavioral Health at Mental Health America, to join in the conversation.

In our honest talk with the students, they focused on four things they think can be done right now:

  1. Students want to know what are the red flags prior to a school shooting.
  2. Students want transparency, not just an email saying, “we had a problem, we handled it.”
  3. Students want educators to take that transparency and reduce the number of fake threats.
  4. Students want truly anonymous reporting.

You can hear more in detail from the students on each of these points, in the video posted above.

More on the Center for School Behavioral Health: The Center transforms school behavioral health to support the healthy psychological and cognitive development of children in the Greater Houston region through services and programs promoting behavioral health, as well as the prevention, early identification, and treatment of behavioral health disorders.