Interactive map: This is where Houston-area robberies are happening

The top Houston area zip codes for robberies
The top Houston area zip codes for robberies

KPRC 2 Investigates analyzed nearly 25,000 robberies reported in Houston, Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties over the last two years. While robberies are trending down, hundreds of these crimes occur every day in our region.

Below is a map of 17,901 robberies reported to the city of Houston in 2019-2020. The crimes are broken down by zip code. The darker the color on the map, the higher the number of robberies reported in the area.

‘It’s changed my life.’

The crime of robbery involves violence and for many victims can be a life-altering event.

Sarah H. believes she was targeted leaving a bank.

“I guess they were just looking for an easy target and I’m a young female and it’s daytime,” said Sarah.

Sarah lives in a gated community in the Heights area and surveillance video shows a black Mercedes following her into the neighborhood. After Sarah pulls into her garage, a man jumps out of the Mercedes’ passenger seat and runs toward her.