Houston FBI warns of economic espionage after shutdown of Chinese consulate

Will the Chines consulate in Houston reopen?
Will the Chines consulate in Houston reopen?

HOUSTON – There is still no timetable as to when the United States may again allow China to resume operations at its now-shuttered consulate in the Montrose area. After four decades in operation, the US ordered the closure in July, claiming the consulate was the source of rampant spying.

“I would have to say the amount of information that we got out of that consulate is extraordinary,” said GOP Congressman Michael McCaul.

McCaul said despite video showing what appeared to be consular employees burning documents in the consulate’s courtyard, federal agents were able to obtain information pertaining to on-going investigations.

“I think you’re going to see a lot of prosecutions coming out of it because they weren’t able to destroy all the documents or hard drives,” said McCaul.

McCaul is the head of the recently created China Task Force, which is tasked with studying ways to combat potential threats from the Chinese government. The task force released its first report in September.

“What specifically are the Chinese targeting in terms of information from the United States?” asked KPRC2 Investigator Robert Arnold.

“They are targeting, I would say the Houston area particularly,” said McCaul.