Husband accused of killing wife uploads video of himself to YouTube

Murder charges have been filed against a La Marque man accused of ambushing and killing his wife. Trent Paschal, 48, is accused of killing Savannah Paschal on October 21.

“We’ve been praying every day, I mean we’re praying people, and we’re praying for their family,” said neighbor Donald Riddick.

Riddick and his family live just across the street from the Paschals in the Painted Meadows subdivision. He said he knew the family well.

“Man, it’s just a big surprise, to me,” he said. “I had never seen them have an argument.”

However, Riddick said that changed Wednesday morning when the couple was seen arguing. Riddick said Trent Paschal then left the home.

“Savannah had went to the neighbor’s house to ask for help,” said Riddick.

According to court documents filed in Galveston County, later that morning, Savannah Paschal and her mother returned to the home. Investigators said Trent Paschal was hiding in the master bathroom’s shower.

“Trent jumped out of the shower.” court records read. “Trent stated he was going to shoot her and Savannah.”

Investigators said Savannah was shot twice in the stomach while her mother was able to escape. Court documents also said a neighbor recorded Trent Paschal talking on the phone with his wife’s aunt shortly after the shooting.

Investigators said Trent Paschal is heard in the recording “confessing that he shot Savannah.”

Late Wednesday evening, neighbors began sharing a video from YouTube that appears to have been uploaded by Trent Paschal. In the video, Trent Paschal is heard telling his two children he loves them and he is sorry. He later claims infidelity was the source of his torment.

At the end of the video, Trent Paschal appears to try to hide from someone returning to the home.

“I can’t believe he would leave something like that, telling his kids he loved them. How can you love your kids if you’re going to kill their momma,” said Riddick. “He was in there making that video before she came back.”

Riddick said he believes the video was made just before the shooting.

Trent Paschal was eventually caught by a Harris County sheriff’s deputy and shot when he refused to put down a gun. Sheriff’s officials said Trent Paschal is expected to survive his injuries and once stable enough will be transferred to Galveston County.

“We’re praying that Trent recovers so he can pay for what he’s done,” said Riddick.

Both Galveston and Harris county records show Trent Paschal has several theft charges on his record, but no indications of violence. His latest theft charge came in August and appears to have been dismissed In Sept due to a clerical error.

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