One family’s journey to prevent their father from feeling alone, isolated while battling COVID-19

COVID-19 recovery impacts mental health
COVID-19 recovery impacts mental health

HOUSTON – Coronavirus can be a particularly cruel virus in that many family members cannot stay with loved ones in the hospital for fear of further spread.

One family was determined to stay in touch with their father during two hospitalizations. So he never felt alone and they could keep a close eye on his recovery.

“I’m feeling blessed. I’m feeling grateful. I’m here in the comfort of my own home,” said Sheldon Weisfeld.

Sheldon began battling Covid-19 shortly before Father’s Day. He was released from the hospital once, only to return with a collapsed lung.

Sheldon was again released from this hospital this week.

“Although I am in quarantine, I’m by myself. But the ability to breathe is the gift,” said Sheldon. “You are by yourself, but you don’t have to be alone.”

Sheldon credits his two daughters and son for ensuring he never felt alone.

“Thank God he had the capacity to be able to call us, to be able to bring us in,” said Sarah Weisfeld.