Coronavirus changing the way people view working in traditional office spaces

Pandemic changing traditional office spaces
Pandemic changing traditional office spaces

HOUSTON – As Texas continues reopening for business, it’s becoming clear that the traditional workspace may not work in a world with the coronavirus.

Zoom meetings, Google Docs, DropBox and email already altered the office environment. And now with the need for social distancing, avoiding the office is no longer optional, in most cases, it’s necessary.

It’s challenging if your job is to keep Houston’s office buildings filled.

“The message to landlords is do what you can because you don’t know what it’s going to look like on the other side of this virus,” said Chris Lewis, managing principal at Lee and Associates, a Houston firm that sells, leases and manages commercial real estate.

And there’s a lot of it.

“Approximately 250 million square feet,” Lewis said.

That’s the equivalent of 131 NRG Stadiums.

And how companies occupy all that space going forward is a big question.

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