Distracted driving an ‘epidemic,’ HPD commander says

DWI task force often pulls over drivers to find they are merely texting and driving

HOUSTON – Founded at the intersection of society and technology, texting and driving is a growing challenge for law enforcement.

As far as location of the problem goes?

"I think it’s pretty much all over,” said Kenneth Campbell, Houston Police Department’s commander of Traffic Enforcement.

It also impacts all ages.

Campbell’s advice when hitting the 650 miles that make up Houston traffic is: “You have to be on your game. You have to be paying attention to what is going on.”

The reason? Drivers are not paying as much attention as they should.

“I think, arbitrarily, sometimes people are so used to responding to the technology that maybe they are not putting the priority in place of safe driving first, before operating electronic devices,” Campbell said.

In early 2018, three months after Texas banned texting and driving, KPRC Channel 2 Investigates looked at the number of citations handed out in major cities around the state. At the time, Austin and San Antonio were far outpacing Houston.

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