Exclusive football hazing details: 5 players now suspects

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – KPRC 2 Investigates has learned new details about a hazing incident involving football players at Montgomery High School.

After seven weeks with very little information released publicly, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office turned its case over the County Attorney this week, including hundreds of pages of recorded interviews and videos. According to the County Attorney’s Office, there are seven alleged victims and five alleged suspects, all students.

Marc Brumberger, Chief of the Juvenile Division of the Montgomery County Attorney’s office, said the incidents were “initiations” that took place over two nights at off-campus team gatherings in September. Adults were on the premises but did not witness the hazing. Interviews and evidence show the victims were fully clothed but violated in some way with crutches, pool cues, or sports drink bottles.

“Most indicate that it did not come close to the act of penetration,” said Brumberger. “The ones that did get poked in the middle of the buttocks area also deny that this was an act of sodomy."

As of right now, the County Attorney’s office does not plan to file criminal charges and instead suggests the five suspects should face informal probation and “write apology or essay about what they have learned from this experience,” Brumberger said.

None of the suspects has been in trouble with the County Attorney’s Office before. But Brumberger warns if they don’t comply with informal probation, he could follow through with a Class A Misdemeanor charge.

“Incarceration is a possibility down the road but it is not something I want to do,” Brumberger said.

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