Hundreds sign petition to stop bridge from being built in Sienna Plantation

By Sally Mamdooh - Reporter

SIENNA PLANTATION, Texas - A group of residents are hoping to stop Johnson Development Corp. from building a proposed back-entrance bridge by a new development in Sienna Plantation that will bring traffic from 500 homes into the already closed neighborhoods of Logan Pass.

“We have a chief concern for childhood safety. We have children in the neighborhood and if they end up creating another thoroughfare here, it will be another potential risk point of someone being injured or a fatality happening,” said Logan Pass resident Brian Garcia.

Garcia is one of the residents fighting against this new bridge.

A video was put together by a group that has started a petition under Sienna Plantation to stop the entrance from coming to life.

The petition gained 400 signatures. Click here for more information.

Watch the video below for more information.

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