Fort Bend County officers help stranded veteran

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - A woman flagged down a deputy, worried about her elderly father. She needed a ride into his flooded neighborhood to check on him.

Two officers with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office gave her a lift in their Humvee.

The water in Rio Vista off FM 359 in Richmond is rising. Most of the homes are still OK, but the streets are impassable.

They found Ervia Tyler's dad inside his home.

The disabled veteran was alone and couldn't get out.

"It makes you feel good ... serving (this) country when you get this attention," James Fuller, the disabled veteran, said.

"I'm speechless, I've never seen Pecan Grove like this in my entire life and I grew up in Rosenberg," Tyler said.

They're now headed to higher ground to stay with relatives.

Fort Bend County officials are telling people who live in the area to leave.

Right now, the water is rushing in at a steady pace from the Brazos River, which backs up to these homes.

"Nobody knows how high it's gonna get, and as we just saw, it's getting pretty deep in Rio Vista," Chad Norvell, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, said.

Rosenberg was also hit hard by the floods.

In fact, people who have lived in these communities all their lives are shocked at how fast the river is rising. Projected to crest at 53 1/2 feet, the Brazos surpassed that awhile ago.

If you're downstream from this crest, whether it's in Fort Bend County or Brazos, and you're area is forecast to flood, believe what the authorities are telling you.

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