Emergency hearing held in Michael Brown bankruptcy trial

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A former legal assistant living in Miami could be the key to tracking down Michael Brown's missing fortune said to be worth millions.

Svetlana Furman is the late hand surgeon's former girlfriend. The two met at a party on his yacht in Miami early last year. Furman and two others were ordered to appear in U.S. bankruptcy court for questioning.

Furman testified that a few weeks before his heart attack, Russian artist Irina Bogatcheva, who also goes by "Anastasia the Great," offered to hide some of Brown's valuable glass sculptures at her North Miami home. This, after Brown complained people from Texas wanted to come to Miami to sell his belongings and that he was worried about his kid's future.

"She mentioned I will store it for you, far away. Don't worry it's safe," Furman said.

Furman also testified she and Brown twice delivered property to Bogatcheva's home including a cloth suitcase.

Furman told the judge that a few days before his heart attack, Brown was depressed and suicidal and told her if anything happens to him "Anastasia has all of my watches and a suitcase with over a million in cash."

Local 2 tracked Bogatcheva to her Miami home late last year and she denied hiding anything.

"I do not have assets of Mr. Brown. He was supposed to buy my paintings. He gave me little advance for materials. That's it. Then he died. Actually he owes me money," Bogatcheva said.

Bogatcheva and Brown's driver were ordered to appear in court with Furman but failed to show up and are now in contempt. The judge could issue warrants for their arrests.

Another one of Brown's former girlfriends, a French model living in Miami, has been ordered to appear in court Thursday.

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