Click2Daily: Students lend a hand to print 3D prosthetics

By Jake Reiner - Reporter

HOUSTON - It's a summer camp with an educational and charitable twist. As part of its STEM Academy summer program, Alief ISD students got the opportunity to put their skills to good use.

"It was fun, but it was so challenging," incoming sixth-grader Xavier Duncan said.

Students like Xavier used their hands to make prosthetic hands for those who don't have them.

"If we didn't have hands, we would want people to help us," Xavier said.

The parts are individually printed layer by layer using a 3-D printer, and fourth- and fifth-graders put them all together.

"These hands will allow us to, on our first meeting, to at least supply some ray of hope for the kids who need a way to make their lives more simple," Daniel Barht, the co-founder of eNABLE, said.

eNABLE is a local chapter at the University of Houston supplying 3-D-printed prosthetics to those in need worldwide. Barht and Javier Castro, a UH engineering student, came to Miller Intermediate School Wednesday to pick up six hands made by the students.

"They could go from basically holding a simple object to playing catch with it," Castro said, describing what the prosthetic hand can do.

"It feels good helping others who are in need, so I'm actually really glad we're doing this," student Maxine Card said.

Students showing they have a firm grasp of what it means to lend a helping hand.

For more information about Alief ISD's STEM Bridge Camp, click here.

For more information about eNABLE, click here.

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