Authorities seized nearly 300 animals at Grimes County property

The Houston Humane Society assisted the Grimes County Sheriff's Office in seizing nearly 300 animals in various stages of neglect at a rural property in Anderson.

The Humane Society received a call Wednesday to help the sheriff's office at the property along state Highway 30, where several structures, including a home, housed the animals. This included 243 small breed dogs such as Pomeranians, Min Pins and Chinese Cresteds.

Also on the property were 49 mini horses and Shetland ponies, according to Monica Schmidt, the shelter's operations manager.

The stages of neglect were numerous Schmidt said. The animals, believed to be full breeds, showed signs of extreme malnutrition, parasites, dental disease and cataract issues. 

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"It is the worst case I've seen on the hooves of animals," Schmidt said of the horses, "This is years of neglect."

The horses' hooves were overgrown and untrimmed, appearing in the shape of human shoes.

"It's going to be a really long road to recovery for those horses," Schmidt said.

She said the ponies' stride is off and the inability to walk correctly, describing what she imagines would be torturous for the equines.

It took the Houston Humane Society about 12 hours to round up all the animals.

They have been transferred to the Humane Society where they will be treated for all their ailments and eventually the organization will determine future places for the dogs and horses. 

Once the evaluations are done by veterinarians, the results will go to the Grime County Sheriff's Office as part of its investigation.

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