Willie Nelson 2020? 4 people in Vermont had ‘high’ hopes that would be the case

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A handful of people in Vermont embraced their inner Texans for the 2020 election and chose to write in one of the most notable Texas-born country singers, Willie Nelson.

According to the Vermont election results, four people wrote in Nelson as their would-be presidential candidate. Of all the votes, 242,820 (or about 65%) went to Joe Biden and 112,704 (or about 30%) went to President Donald Trump.

The remaining votes went to libertarian, green and independent candidates, as well as a variety of write-ins. Some of the other notable write-ins included Michelle Obama with 12 votes, Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) with five votes, and Jennifer Lopez and Santa Clause both with one vote.

According to NBC, Joe Biden is the president-elect with 306 electoral votes and 51% of the popular vote.

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