Can this product really make Thanksgiving prep (and leftovers) easier?

HOUSTON – Thanksgiving is the one time all year when it seems like we’re using every bowl and container in the kitchen, then we need extra for the leftovers. KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis tested a product that could help this Thursday and all year round. They’re called Unilids.

A package of three Unilids costs $9.98 at Walmart.

Claims: Unilids are stretchable. The manufacturer claims they can fit over almost any bowl or platter so you won’t have to scramble looking for the one lid that fits that one container. They are airtight, so they keep food fresh. The Unilid creates a non-spill seal.

Test: Davis used the 3 size Unilids to cover various bowls in her kitchen. The smallest Unilid was too big for an orange and a can, but it did fit over a coffee mug. The middle & larger sizes fit 7-inch and 9-inch bowls respectively. Davis poured chicken broth and chicken breasts in the 9-inch bowl and put the Unilid on top. She turned the bowl upside down. The lid held tight with no leakage.

Verdict: TRUE.

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