Neighbors of Turkey Leg Hut go to court over constant smokey environment

Neighbors have filed a lawsuit against a popular Third Ward restaurant, the "Turkey Leg Hut."
Neighbors have filed a lawsuit against a popular Third Ward restaurant, the "Turkey Leg Hut."

HOUSTON – Neighbors of the popular restaurant Turkey Leg Hut have been given some relief from what they describe as heavy smoke after a district court on Wednesday issued a temporary injunction against the restaurant.

The Turkey Leg Hut will not be able use its outside smokers from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily for 14 days.

Six neighbors near the restaurant at 4830 Almeda Road filed the lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order because they said Turkey Leg Hut had reduced their quality life initially by the congested parking conditions its patrons have created and now by the smoke it emits.

“As their business grew, the more obnoxious the odor become,” said neighbor Patricia Bird.

Turkey Leg Hut owners Nakia and Lyndell Price declined to be interviewed for this story, but did issue a statement defending their restaurant.

“…We will continue to rigorously defend all allegations made against us as we always work hard to have a safe and healthy environment for our community and patrons.”

Cris Felman, who the attorney for the neighbors, said all of the outdoor cooking activities at Turkey Leg Hut are illegal.

“They are unpermitted, they are unregulated and the are outside of the basic code requirements,” Feldman said.

Bird, who has lived in the community for decades, says her quality of life changed when the restaurant opened. She says he has asthma and that the thick smoke from the smokers make it hard for her breathe.

“It has taken a toll on me,” Bird said.

The temporary order will expire on Dec.4.