Authorities raid northwest Houston building as part of federal drug investigation

HOUSTON – FBI agents backed up by a cadre of other police agencies conducted a raid on a commercial building in northwest Houston on Thursday morning

It happened in the 6100 block of West 34th Street.

The raid was part of a federal drug investigation that led to the arrest of at least two suspects in other parts of Houston on Thursday, according to sources.

Agencies involved besides the FBI included the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Houston Fire Department and the Houston Police Department.

Members of HFD’s hazardous materials team and HPD’s high hazard clandestine lab teams assisted with the processing of the scene, according to FBI spokesman Connor Hagan.

Firefighters and police dressed in protective clothing combed through the building and carried out what appeared to be bags of chemicals, plastic containers and other equipment. All of the items brought out were cleaned, tagged and loaded onto waiting trucks.

“The hazardous materials team with the Houston Fire Department are great at processing scenes we think are unsafe due to chemicals or whatever else might be in there, and so, in an abundance of caution, we bring them in, as well as the Houston Police Department high hazard clandestine lab team," Hagan said.

KPRC 2 sources said at least two people were arrested at other locations around the city, but investigators are not releasing their names.

The building that was raided rents space to various businesses including a hydroponic gardening supply business and a catering operation, according to one of the business owners.

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