VIDEO: Man drags woman down escalator in The Galleria during purse snatching

HOUSTON – A disturbing video shows a man drag a woman down an escalator in The Galleria on Sept. 3.

Surveillance video captured the robbery at 2 p.m. from inside the mall near Saks Fifth Avenue. 

The woman can be seen going up the escalator while holding onto her purse when the man walks up behind her and grabs it. He drags her down the escalator as she attempts to hold onto her purse.

WATCH: Woman dragged down escalator by purse-snatcher 

Houston police said the woman was probably followed from a bank nearby where she withdrew money from an ATM. 

“It looks like he probably followed her from the bank. These juggers will sit in parking lots and actually just wait. They are looking for bigger targets,” said Robbery Division Detective Jeff Brieden. 

Houston police are asking anyone with information to contact them. People who contact them can remain anonymous. 

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