Bush Airport wheelchair attendant accused of stealing elderly woman's cash, credit cards

HOUSTON – A wheelchair attendant at George Bush Intercontinental Airport is accused of stealing cash and credit cards from the purse of an elderly woman she was supposed to be helping.

Dameka Humphries-Williams, 31, is being sought on charges of not only credit card abuse but also elderly abuse. The second charge would greatly enhance the sentence if she is convicted of the crimes.

Investigators said Humphries-Williams was assigned to escort 88-year-old Sidney McKenzie, who requested to stop at a restroom. McKenzie left her purse hanging on the wheelchair while she used the restroom, and Humphries-Williams rifled through her purse, investigators said.

“The next morning, when she went into her wallet, she discovered two credit cards and $50 were missing,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Mary McFadin.

Investigators said Humphries-Williams used one of the credit cards the next day to buy about $175 worth of merchandise at the Walmart store at FM 1960 Bypass and Townsen Boulevard in Humble.

“You have an elder victim asking for assistance from an employee of the airport and that trust is violated,” McFadin said. “That will certainly be considered when we’re looking at an appropriate punishment and what is just and right in this case.”

Humphries-Williams is facing a third-degree felony, which carries a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.

A warrant has been issued for Humphries-Williams’ arrest.