Driver killed fatally shot on 59 Eastex Freeway near Rankin Road, police say


HOUSTON – Houston Police are investigating a shooting that left one driver dead and another person in the hospital with what police are describing as unrelated injuries. 

Investigators responded to a call of a shooting around 1:30 p.m. Sunday on the Eastex Freeway just before Rankin Road. 

When they arrived at the scene, police found a gray four-door sedan riddled with bullet holes. Inside the car was a male driver found dead. 

HPD homicide investigators said the driver of a motorcycle stopped at the scene, and police are trying to figure out how, if at all, the motorcycle driver was involved. Investigators said that after the motorcycle stopped, the driver of a silver pickup truck also stopped. 

Investigators said someone was taken to the hospital for unrelated injuries, which may have been caused by an anxiety attack, investigators said. Police said they need to talk with the motorcyclist and the person transported to the hospital to get more information on what happened.

At this point, investigators said the evidence at the scene did not indicate that this was an instance of road rage. 

"At this point in time, we don't know what their involvement is. So until we can speak to the other person who was transported from here, we don't know, and we're trying to go leave from this location to meet with them to find out any additional details that they may be able to provide," said Brian Evans of HPD Homicide.