Video shows Campbell Middle School student being dragged by faculty member

HOUSTON – Cellphone video recorded Wednesday shows a faculty member at Campbell Middle School forcefully removing a student from detention.

The student in the video is 13-year-old Za'Naiya Poullard. 

The seventh-grader said she was in detention for being tardy and was being bothered by another student. She said she tried telling that student to quit but claims she was asked to leave by the faculty member for talking.

"And I said, 'No,' and I tried to explain to him what happened, and he wouldn't listen," Za'Naiya said. "He said if you don't get up then I'm going to get you up."

Ieshia Poullard said her daughter came home crying. She said her daughter's shirt was pulled up and part of her body was exposed.

"I have these emotions," Ieshia Poullard said. "I feel empty. I feel blank. I'm all over the place."

Ieshia Poullard was also angry and has since filed a police report with Cy-Fair Independent School District police.

"I'm not condoning kids to have attitudes, but as an adult you can't do that," Ieshia Poullard said. "You have to know, 'OK. Let me stop. Let me call the parent,' or 'Let me pull her to the side and let me figure out what's wrong.'"

Ieshia Poullard said she met with school officials Thursday morning. District officials provided the following statement about the incident:

"CFISD received a tip Wednesday afternoon about an incident that occurred at Campbell Middle School. Once they were made aware of the incident, school officials immediately contacted the parent and placed the employee on administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation. The video shared with district officials is alarming, and appropriate personnel action will be taken."

Ieshia Poullard said her daughter is too embarrassed to go back to school and took the day off Thursday.

Ieshia Poullard said she is currently searching for new schools that her daughter may be able to attend.