Man with Alzheimer's struck, killed by driver in northwest Harris County, authorities say

HOUSTON – An 89-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer's was struck and killed by a driver in northwest Harris County Friday morning. It happened near the intersection of Alabonson and West Gulf Bank roads. 

Around 6:15 a.m. authorities say a mother in her 20s dropped off her two children at a daycare and was driving down Alabonson road, which is dimly lit.

"She was just on her way back home and unfortunately, the gentleman was in the roadway," said Harris County Sheriff's Office Accident investigator, Phillip Lillibridge. 

The man she hit, investigators say, is 89-year-old Glen Wilson.

"We are not sure why he was in the roadway or where he was walking to," said Lillibridge.

However, authorities do say the Wilson possibly had dementia or Alzheimer's.

"According to his family the last few days they've been trying to keep him in the house, and he got out when they were not looking at the time," said Lillibridge. 

Investigators say after the fatal accident, they received a call for a missing person.

"The deceased's daughter called and stated that her father was missing, and we kind of put two and two together," said Lillibridge.

Wilson was declared dead on scene. At this time the driver is not facing charges.

"There was no impairment on her, speed does not appear to be an issue, just an unfortunate incident," said Lillibridge.



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