'I was literally crying': Family's home, vehicles shot up in Richmond

RICHMOND, Texas – One local family moved into their Richmond home about three months ago, hoping to have a smooth transition from Lufkin.

However, early Friday morning, their home was riddled with gunfire. Now the family's feeling of security is shattered as they now pick up the pieces, wondering why someone would do this.

A Feeling of Security ... shattered

"A home is a place where you have safety ... where you have assurance that if you go to sleep you're going to wake up," Adeel Naqvi, the homeowner, said. 

Naqvi said his home was shot at on Friday morning around 1:30 a.m.

"Just like a machine gun firing," Naqvi said.

Naqvi and his four daughters moved to Richmond from Lufkin in June.

"We're just here three months ago, and we're just trying to mix and match with everybody, try to familiarize with everybody and get along with everybody," Naqvi said.

24 Gunshots and Counting

Investigators told Naqvi that they found 24 gunshot holes that hit their home and four cars.

"This is the bullet holes on my vehicles," Naqvi said. "This is the cabinet which is hit ..."

Naqvi said the most alarming part was thinking about his 11-year-old daughter.

"At that time I was just worried about my daughter because I saw a horrible scene over there," Naqvi said.

His daughter was in her bed sleeping when gunshots hit the window 2 feet away from her.

"My daughter was sleeping over here and the bullet comes from here," he said pointing to the end of the bed.

"I was literally crying," his wife said.

Peace and Love

The family doesn't know why their home was shot up, they suspect, perhaps, it could be because of their Muslim faith.

"The Muslim faith is a religion of peace and love," Naqvi said.

Now this family hopes to share what they've learned.

"We exchange peace and love to everybody and we respect everyone," Naqvi said.


Police have not identified a motive for the crime. The family says, unfortunately, they will be the ones footing the bill for all the damage and that they will also have to pay for breaking their lease. However, this family said, most importantly, no one was hurt. 

They just hope police figure out who did it and why.