Man claims truck was damaged during officer-involved shooting

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – Scott Babbitt claims his Ford F-150 was damaged during an officer-involved shooting at his RV park just over two weeks ago.

"The other round went through here, through the headlight and the radiator," said Babbitt.

The exchange of gunfire between deputies from the Galveston County Sheriff's Office and a suspect, a neighbor of Babbitt’s at the time, has caused the pickup to stop working.

"I have no means of income at this point. This is my only transportation. I was supposed to go to Florida and start my life over there last week, but because they disabled my truck, I no longer have the job,” said Babbitt.

Babbitt is a former overseas security contractor and is disabled.

He receives a disability paycheck, but it’s only for $648 a month.

Babbitt said he uses that money to survive the month and can’t afford to file a claim with his insurance because the deductible is too expensive.

Babbitt has reported the problem to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

GCSO is aware of the issue but said it’s up to the county to decide whether or not to fix the truck.

Babbitt said he spoke to county officials and they suggested he get the truck checked out by a mechanic.

"'Sir, you're going to have to have that vehicle brought to three different repair shops, get three estimates and then we'll evaluate it. If we think we caused it, then we will take the lowest estimate,'” Babbitt said, quoting the county.

The problem is that Babbitt would have to call a tow truck since his truck won’t start.

"To have a tow truck, tow this to three different shops, I'm looking at $500 to $600. That’s what I make a month to live on. I can't do that. I don't have the means,” said Babbitt.

Babbitt claims the county's response was that without the three estimates, it would be unable to help him.

Babbitt has hired a lawyer but said he’d rather just have the county do the right thing and help him find a solution.