11 emaciated horses seized from La Porte property

LA PORTE, Texas – Eleven horses were seized from a La Porte property where authorities said they were living in inhumane conditions.

Eleven emaciated horses, including a mother and her baby, were taken from a property in the 1700 block of Sens Road.

"See how you can see her ribs? You should not be able to see that baby's ribs," Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen said. "There was no food, no water, there was no grass. They were essentially just standing in mud."

The Houston SPCA took the horses to one of its facilities for treatment.

No one has been arrested or charged, but Rosen said the owners have been on his department's radar for a number of years.

"They were in bad shape. They were severely emaciated," Rosen said.

Rosen said his precinct and the SPCA had reached out to the owners multiple times after concerned neighbors reported the conditions a number of times.

"They should've had the vets come in and actually evaluate the horses, make sure they're OK, and make sure they have food, make sure they have a pasture to roam around in, and they did none of it," Rosen said.

Rosen said the owners were given a number of warnings and a number of chances to keep the horses.

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