5 reasons why fall in Houston doesn't really feel like fall

Pile of fall leaves with fan rake on lawn
Pile of fall leaves with fan rake on lawn

Did someone say “fall”? We’re just not feeling it yet – and it’s likely that we won’t in Houston for quite a while. 

Here’s why fall feels so far away.

1.    The heat just won’t quit

Perhaps the most obvious reason, it just doesn’t feel like fall. There’s no cool or even crisp bite in the air that northerners-turned-Texans pine for this time of year. 

The first day of fall feels kind of decorative. For us in Houston, it should coincide with Halloween, but science has a little something to say in this whole equation, and we’re not about to start some movement to change the date of fall just in Texas (that actually makes sense).  

2.    Most tree leaves don't shed yet here

Look, some trees in Texas do have leaves or needles that fall right about now (we’re looking at you, pines), but we’ve come to expect that a riot of color the likes of a Nicholas Sparks movie aren’t likely to strike Houston’s foliage anytime soon.

We’re OK with that. Most of the time. Especially because we have bluebonnets.

3.    Mushy pumpkins

It’s easy to buy that big pumpkin outside the grocery store or at the farmer’s market and envision your little one standing beside it for Halloween photos. The perfect picture. But seriously, if you buy that thing in the last week of September, that thing isn’t going to last in the Houston area heat. 

Mush. Your kid will be sitting on a big pile of smelly, seeded muck by the time you put those costumes on for trick-or-treating. 

The temptation is strong. Fight it. Fight the mush. We know it’s hard to say no to the allure of fall, but if you don’t on this one, you’ll be sweeping up putrid pumpkin guts on your front stoop. Likely in your pajamas if you’re a mom like me.  

4.    Your pool still feels great

The warm weather makes the pool a beautiful place to be but sipping on a pumpkin spice latte while you float around on your inflatable swan in your Uggs isn’t the most congruous thought.
Fall might have to wait until late October or November when the pool could finally look chilly – or not. 

5.    You’re still mowing your grass

Seasons aren’t a thing here. Mowing is. You think you can get by without mowing your lawn every other week and then you get a letter from your homeowner’s association. Fall elsewhere means the grass is about to freeze and maybe die a bit. Here, it’s time to fertilize and keep on mowing. Spring -- or, more accurately, modified summer -- is always around the corner.

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