Need a taquito? Or water? Good Samaritans help stranded people on I-10 during Imelda

KPRC 2 received a heartwarming report that two women were offering food and water to stranded drivers along I-10 during Imelda.

HOUSTON – While dozens of drivers were stacked and stranded on I-10 Katy Freeway near the Memorial exit, to avoid flood waters, two Houston women showed hospitality which makes Houston so strong.

As drivers and their passengers waited for the waters to recede, two Houston women went from car to car, offering bottles of water and taquitos to the stranded. 

"They walked up to my passenger side window and gestured for me to let the window down. One had a bag of water and the other had what appeared to be a Tupperware container with food in it. The lady with the bag asked if I wanted water or a taquito," Reginald Stidum said.  

Stidum was stranded on I-10 since about 11 a.m. when torrential rains pooled on the freeway, leaving it impassable. He told KPRC 2 he passed on the taquito, but gladly accepted the water. 

"I thought this was incredibly nice and considerate of them, all things considered. I imagine they live nearby and saw all the cars stranded on the freeway, and found a way to help," he said. 

Stidum initially wasn't able to get their names, but did snag a photo of them as they walked away after handing out the food and water.

The women who gave food and water to stranded motorists on I-10 have shared their identities to KPRC 2.

Stidum eventually spoke with the women again, and managed to get their names -- Peyton Gregory and Megan Brown.

Stidum also learned why they wanted to help. 

"One, I had a freezer full of taquitos that I really needed to get rid of," Gregory said. "And two, we live right there, so we saw everybody stranded down here, so I just wanted to come, make sure everyone had food, water and was taken care of." 

Peyton's friend, Christina Ellen Forgetta, contacted KPRC 2 and wrote that she recognized Gregory and that she wasn't surprised to see her out tromping around in the floodwaters. 

"She is ALWAYS loving and giving towards her community," Forgetta wrote. "She has the biggest heart out of anyone I know!"

Two other people from a nearby apartment building later handed out trail mix and water to people in the same area on the freeway.