Mother records video as daughter is nearly struck by speeding vehicle ignoring bus stop sign

HOUSTON – Josephine Kirk-Taylor said her 5-year old daughter Melina was just a few steps away from being hit by a car as she was dropped off by her school bus and attempted to cross the street in the 2500 block of Westerland Drive.

"It could have been a very tragic incident. It could have ended very differently," Kirk-Taylor said.

The mother of three said it was Melina’s first time to ride the bus to and from school, and she wanted to capture the moment on camera.

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Kirk-Taylor said she was recording when a blue Toyota ignored the school bus stop sign and drove past Melina while honking the horn.

“They didn't stop to ask if my daughter was OK or anything and that's just what hurt me the most because it could have ended very differently," Kirk-Taylor said.

Kirk-Taylor said she called the Houston Police Department to file a report, but she claims she was told nothing could be done.

Houston police said the video was not enough because they could not clearly identify the driver.

"I don't wish any bad on this person, but I do wish this person could follow the law and some type of justice could be served," Kirk-Taylor said.