These are the fun, delicious and iconic things that make us love Texas

HOUSTON – Almost anyone, from any part of the nation, can tell you that Texans have an extraordinary sense of state pride. We love to love Texas and all the fun, delicious, iconic things that come with it.

From Texas history to BBQ, here are some of the things that invoke Texas pride:

San Jacinto Monument

It’s no secret that everything is bigger in Texas. The Lone Star State’s over-the-top nature is one of the things that makes it so great to be a Texan. So naturally, we take pride in knowing the San Jacinto Monument is the world’s tallest war memorial. It is even 15 feet taller than the Washington monument.

The fifth state is and Texas (55.2 percent). No other state had a minority population greater than 46.4 percent of the total.


Texas pride is also all about celebrating and honoring Texas history. Almost any Texan can tell you that standing on historic grounds or in front of a historic location like the Alamo invokes a certain sense of ownership that makes you feel in awe of the grand role Texas played in shaping American history.

North Star Mall Boots

Few things are more Texas than a giant pair of boots in front of a mall in the Alamo City. The boots were created by artist Bob Wade and are over 35 feet tall and have been around for 40 years.

Big Tex (and the Texas State Fair)

Nearly any Texan will tell you that we love a good fair whether it be the rodeo, a county fair or the Texas State Fair. The state fair is the pride and joy of the state for everything from the delicious foods to the iconic Big Tex, who is decked out in all things Texas, including Dickies jeans, a button-down shirt and a cowboy hat and boots to match.

Paris, Texas Eiffel tower

Most Texans love putting a Texas twist on almost everything. Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower, so having a replica of the iconic structure in Paris, Texas is a no brainer. What really makes it a Texas icon is the bright red cowboy hat perched on top of the 26-year-old structure.

The Pit Room


Texans love meat, and not only do we love meat, but we love talking about how much we love meat, where to get the best meat or the best techniques to cook meat. It’s easy to see real Texas pride in a person’s face when you start talking about their spot for the best BBQ in town or their secret technique for smoking the best brisket. The official state food may be chili (no beans) but it should have been brisket – or anything you can throw on a smoker.


Texans are a peculiar people in a sense that we like things the way we like them, and if they come from Texas, even better. If you ask a Texan where to get groceries, many will answer with H-E-B. Why? Because Texans love Texas and H-E-B is not only Texas-based but carries all sorts of products locally sourced in Texas. It doesn’t get much better than that.


If you are ever on a road trip with a Texan or in Texas, you know Buc-ee’s. For most Texans, Buc-ee’s is a badge of honor where you can go to the bathroom knowing it will be spotless, pick up Beaver Nuggets, jerky, brisket and fill up before heading on your way. It’s a one-stop-shop done Texas-style and we love it.


There are other states that know about tubing, but (probably) no other state does it the way Texas does. Whether you pick the Comal, the San Marcos, the Guadalupe or any other river in the Lone Star state, everyone knows grabbing some drinks, a group of friends, a rubber tube and floating the day away is the best way to escape the Texas heat.


If you have ever been inside a Texas high school or know someone who has, you know about homecoming mums. We mentioned it before, but everything is bigger in Texas, to strapping an obscenely large decoration made from fake chrysanthemums and decked out in cowbells, glitter and school colors only makes sense. Some hardcore Texans even kept their high school homecoming mum to show to their kids, because they were just that awesome.

Photo: Holly Young Photography


Speaking of flowers, you aren’t a real Texan until you or someone you know has pulled over on the side of the road to take photos in a bluebonnet patch. What could be more Texas that taking awesome pictures in a patch of the state flower, you ask? Well, doing it annually and using the photos in graduation, birthday and Christmas cards. Not to mention wedding or engagement photos.

Marriott Marquis Pool

Texans love Texas. We love our state and anything in the shape of our state whether it be a painting of Texas, a Texas-shaped waffle (they taste better that way, anyway) or a Texas-shaped pool. The pool at the Marriot Marquis in Houston is a Texas trifecta. It keeps you cool in the Texas heat, it is shaped like Texas and it’s huge. Not to mention it’s the only Texas-shaped lazy river in the world.

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