Houston wedding photographer accused of not delivering finished products

HOUSTON – Houston wedding photographer Noman Naeem goes by many names online and is associated with a variety of companies.

Over the years, dozens of women have accused him of wrongdoing.

Goodmote family

The Goodmotes were married last August. One year later, after paying Naeem $4,500, they say they still haven’t received the albums and videos he promised.

“I had no issue with him up until when it was time to produce the product,” Dejuana Goodmote said. “I wish I had never made that phone call.”

When she threatened to sue Naeem, who also goes by Norman Bare, Nomi Mirza, Noman Mirza Naeem Mohammed and other names, she said he “stopped all communication.”

Naeem’s customers said he changes company names when the complaints pile up.

Former and current Naeem companies include Studios768, Bareface Studios, Bareface Photography, Mirage Studios and Mirage Magazine, among others.


KPRC 2 found Naeem at his home in Cypress and handed him a phone with Goodmote on another line.

“Hi, Dejuana! How are you?” he said. “I’ve been out of town. The thing is, I sold the company to another company [in Toronto].”

“Why don’t you want to be recorded?” KPRC 2 anchor Jacob Rascon asked Naeem when he walked away from the camera.

“Because it’s not fair,” he replied.

He then denied any wrongdoing and said he wanted to talk to his attorney.

Others make claims

Dozens of women and men have accused Naeem online of cheating them out of tens of thousands of dollars since at least 2017. Several of them talked to KPRC 2.

“I had done my research before I hired him, and he seemed like a legitimate person,” Debbie Murphy said. “I’m very angry and I’m very hurt because I don’t have pictures (of our) special day.”

“The engagements went fine, but everything after was a nightmare,” Deena B., who didn't want her last name used, said. “I still don’t have a wedding video.”

“I have a list of 13 people including myself” who were scammed, said Nadira Sanichar. “I couldn’t believe he stole [$5,000] from me.”

Sexual advances claims

Other women reached out to KPRC to complain about Naeem, including models who said he touched them inappropriately.

“He made a lot of sexual advances,” Sierra Hickman said. “He’s ruined a lot of people’s lives.”

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