Bond set at $500K for man accused of killing woman in road rage shooting

HOUSTON – The man charged in connection with the death of a 62-year-old woman was extradited back to Harris County and arraigned Saturday.

Here is what we know: 

What happened?

Saron James, 62, and her husband were on the way home from a doctor when they were caught in the crossfire of a road rage shooting July 16 on Greenhouse Road near Old Greenhouse Road in northwest Harris County.

James was struck in the head and killed by a stray bullet.

About a week later, the gunman was identified as 19-year-old Tekoney Blackledge. According to authorities, Blackledge is a known gang member who lives about a mile from where the shooting happened. 

After the shooting, a man matching Blackledge’s description was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital for a gunshot wound. The hospital alerted authorities, but when they arrived, Blackledge had already been released.

Blackledge fled Texas and remained at large until July 27, where he was found at an apartment complex in Gulfport, Mississippi, authorities said. 

After his arrest, Blackledge was extradited to Harris County.

What’s new?

Blackledge was charged with murder in connection with James’ death and engaging in organized criminal activity. He was arraigned in Harris County Probable Cause Court on Saturday morning, when a judge said probable cause had already been found in each case by the judge who signed his warrants.

In court, Blackledge’s attorney requested a $60,000 bond for both charges. The defender argued that Blackledge had lived in the Katy area for three years and he lives with his parents, brother, girlfriend and their young daughter. His attorney also said Blackledge has been working as a music artist, is a senior in high school and suffers from ADHD and PTSD.

Prosecutors asked for $250,000 bond for both charges because Blackledge is a documented gang member and is a risk to the safety of the community. Prosecutors also argued that because he already fled the state once, Blackledge proved he is a flight risk.

The judge granted the request for a $250,000 bond in each case, making his total bond $500,000.

What’s next? 

His case will be heard by judge Ramona Franklin of the 338th District Court. Any requests for a lower bond will be referred to Franklin.

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