Family of slain mother struggling to deal with circumstances of her death

HIGHLANDS, Texas – The family of a woman who was shot to death said they're struggling with the tragedy and are doing what they can to honor the memory of Rochelle Salazar.

The family said they lost a daughter, a sister and a mother.

They said her death was a senseless act.

What happened

Police said Salazar was shot to death by her husband at a home in the 8200 block of Thompson Road on Tuesday around 11:20 a.m.

She was found dead on the bathroom floor with gunshot wounds to the chest and back, according to police.

Salazar's husband, 39-year-old Billy Warford, is charged with murder in connection with Salazar's death.

Billy Warford
Billy Warford

Police said Warford told them that Salazar was killed as the two fought over a gun.

He told police that earlier in the day, he got in an argument with Salazar because she was accusing him of having an affair. He said when she left, he smoked meth in the garage, according to police

He said when Salazar returned, he went inside the house to get his phone and found her pointing a gun at him in the bathroom, according to police.

Warford told police the gun went off as he was trying to pull it from her hands.

Police said the gun was found in a location that didn't match his story and also said Warford changed his story multiple times. Investigators said there were no injuries on Salazar's hands or fingers, which would be expected if they fought over the gun.

What Salazar's family is saying

"I don't know exactly the details of what happened I just know we are going to miss her," Abel Salazar said.

Abel Salazar said he doesn't know what to say when his 2-year-old granddaughter asks for her mother.

"It's tough when she's asking for her," he said.

Billy Warford, Rochelle Salazar and their daughter.
Billy Warford, Rochelle Salazar and their daughter.

Abel Salazar said the last 24 hours have been tough and the family is not tasked with making funeral arrangements for his daughter.

"She was a really good kid growing up," Abel Salazar said. "She always wanted to be a mother."

Abel Salazar said the couple would fight, but he never thought it would turn violent.

"That's one thing he said -- if it ever got that bad, he would walk away. That didn't happen," Abel Salazar said.

What's next

Warford is due in court on Thursday.

Prosecutors asked for a $50,000 bond, but he is currently being held without bond due to his criminal history.

He has a prior felony charge for burglary, according to authorities.