Woman claims that her daughter's hair fell out after her Pantene conditioner was tainted with Nair


RICHMOND, Wis. – A woman had to have her head shaved after she bought a bottle of conditioner that had been tainted with Nair, a Facebook post claims.

On Facebook, Taffy Jo Timm said her daughter, Ashley Rose, bought a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume conditioner at a Richmond, Wisconsin, Walmart last week and it contained the hair removal product Nair.

“Someone mixed Nair in her conditioner bottle!” Timm wrote on Facebook. “As I speak, she is losing hair and crying!”

Photos posted to Facebook showed mounds of Ashley Rose’s hair in the shower.


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Posted by Taffy Jo Timm on Sunday, July 28, 2019


“As I type this I’m crying (because) that’s all I have done since this incident,” Ashley Rose wrote on her Facebook page, Inside Edition reported. “This is raw and has hit me like no other. My hair was finally the way I loved it to be, and now it’s gone.”

Inside Edition reported that Ashley went to the emergency room to make sure she didn’t have any chemical burns, but her scalp was just red and irritated. She decided to shave her head altogether because of the damage.

Police and Walmart are investigating the alleged incident, Inside Edition reported.

Timm issued a warning on her Facebook page saying, “Attention New Richmond Wisconsin Walmart shoppers, be aware of shampoo and conditioner you buy there.”



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