Police find man's body while searching for 5 burglarizing business

HOUSTON – A man’s body was found Thursday by officers searching for a group of people who burglarized a north Houston scrap yard.

The discovery was made about 1:30 a.m. near Bodner Metal and Iron Corp. on Schalker Drive near Cavalcade Street.

Houston police said the owner of the business was checking surveillance cameras and noticed five men trying to break into a safe. Police arrived, the group fled and officers began searching for them.

Police said that during the search, officers discovered a man’s body in an abandoned warehouse. Police said it appeared the body had been there for at least a couple of days.

Investigators said the death does not appear to be suspicious and is not connected to the burglary.

"This is kind of a remote area, so there's no telling who's been back there," said Lt. Larry Crowson, of the Houston Police Department.

Officers arrested one of the men believed to be connected to the burglary, police said.

The identity of neither the man who was found dead nor the man who was arrested was immediately released.

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