Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, slime found by health department inspectors

HOUSTON – KPRC's Bill Spencer makes his weekly rounds to restaurants in town to make sure they are keeping up to the health standards in Houston.

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Here’s a closer look at the restaurants that Spencer reported on this week.


Karbach Brewing Company - 2032 Karbach

Violation: Inspectors found pink slime and black biofilm in the ice machine.


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Karbach Brewing Restaurant Report (PDF)
Karbach Brewing Restaurant Report (Text)


McDonald’s - 808 Dallas

Violation: Observed two baby cockroaches crawling near the milkshake machine.


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McDonald's Restaurant Report (PDF)
McDonald's Restaurant Report (Text)


Pancho’s Mexican Buffet - 5443 North Freeway

Violation: Inspectors found more than five live cockroaches in the kitchen near the pantry.


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Pancho's Mexican Buffet Restaurant Report (PDF)
Pancho's Mexican Buffet Restaurant Report (Text)


Church’s Chicken - 3207 Old Spanish Trail

Violation: Inspectors discovered a major accumulation of drain flies.


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Churchs Chicken Restaurant Report (PDF)
Churchs Chicken Restaurant Report (Text)


Panaderia y Pasteleria Anamoro - 11138 Airline

Violation: Discovered rodent droppings and two dead rodents stuck in a glue trap in the pantry area.


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Panaderia Y Pasereria Anamoro Restaurant Report (PDF)
Panaderia Y Pasereria Anamoro Restaurant Report (Text)