Dashcam video captures terrifying crash on Highway 290 in NW Houston

The Dashcam video is 23 seconds long.

HOUSTON – The dashcam video is 23 seconds long.

It captures the moment an 18-wheeler hits a black Ford Focus sending the car barreling into an SUV which then rolls over several times.

Where did the crash happen?

The crash happened in the eastbound lanes of U.S. 290 near Antoine Drive.

When did the crash happen?

The crash happened around lunchtime on Tuesday.

Was anyone injured in the crash?

Police said two people inside the SUV were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the Ford Focus was checked out at the scene but declined medical attention and will instead see their own doctor as a precaution.

What caused the crash?

Houston police said the driver of the 18-wheeler involved in the crash claimed he didn't see the Ford Focus because they were in his blind spot.

Watch the video here.

Was anyone charged?

The driver of the 18-wheeler was cited for changing lanes when unsafe, a Class C misdemeanor.

What police are saying

Sgt. Thomas Fendia, with the Houston Police Department's Vehicle Crimes Division, said he's seen this sort of crash play out before. It's why he wants drivers to be proactive.

"You never know when somebody else is going to change lanes. You always want to drive defensively, especially around commercial motor vehicles. These are thousand-ton vehicles traveling down the road," Fendia said. "My first reaction when I see an 18-wheeler is to always keep, like I said, distance from them. I either drive behind them in the lane next to them or in front of them. We want everyone to get home safe. We want everyone to get to their destination safely."

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