Who is Demetria Smith, the woman running for Houston mayor?

Demetria Smith
Demetria Smith (KPRC2)

HOUSTON – Demetria Smith is a lifelong resident of Houston.

She grew up in South Park, a predominantly African-American neighborhood. She's a business owner, financial consultant and mother of six.

Why is Smith running for mayor?

Smith says she's passionate about fighting for every race, culture and creed that exists in Houston. She says she wants to bring more resources to the community through public funding as well as private funding.

What is Smith’s platform?

Smith calls her platform “The Movement,” which she describes as taking back our stolen democracy. She says she will fight against injustice, poverty and oppression.

What she's saying

“By me being in the mortgage industry for the past 15 years, I understand the economy when it comes to the crisis," Smith said. "I want the voters to pay attention, not to the money bag candidates, not to the deep-pocket candidates, but pay attention to the candidates that have a message and serve your best interests.”

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